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Moses & Sarah were drowning in debt, so they decided that the only solution was to take their lives. Until they found Christ...


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Join Rajan and Beckye along with their six children in Agra this Summer pursuing God's Presence and His Word together! Come with your Family or come alone and be a part of the Family of God!

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Global Media Training Institute

Once a year, you can learn to effectively use traditional media, like television and video, as well as new media, such as the Internet. Whatever level of Media knowledge you now possess, you will benefit from the Global Media Training Institute.  This important opportunity is just for you.

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Rajan ChinnaduraiSharing the love of Jesus

Rajan Chinnadurai is devoted to sharing the love of Jesus Christ as he preaches and prays for the sick. Founder and President of Heart International Ministries, he holds four degrees in the areas of Physics, Political Science, Divinity, and Biblical Literature.

Born and raised in India, Rajan traveled to the United States for the first time in 1983 to attend Seminary at Oral Roberts University (ORU). Later, as Associate Minister with Dr. Morris Cerullo for nine years, he ministered in World Evangelism.

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Heart International Ministries is able to share the power of the Gospel thanks to the support of generous individual donors. We welcome all levels of donation!!

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Victory Today TV"Victory today" TV

Seen daily for the past two years throughout the nation are the Word-intensive ‘Victory Today!’ TV programs. The Hindi/English program is aired on one of India’s largest secular networks with a potential audience of 300 million people in prime time between 7:00 and 7:30am.

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Rajan's personal perspective

Sharing the love of  Jesus in IndiaAbout 100 years ago, a young western woman came to India to share the love of Jesus. She taught songs and stories from the Bible to children playing in the streets. One little 11-year-old girl accepted Christ and chose not to practice her family's Hindu worship of gods. Eventually her parents gave her an ultimatum and she was forced to leave their home.

The precious western woman, Amy Carmichael(*) took the young girl into her children’s home, called Donavoor, for girls she had rescued from temple prostitution. That little girl grew up and Amy Carmichael helped her to marry a Christian man.

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