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Join Rajan and Beckye along with their six children
in Agra this Summer pursuing God's Presence and His Word together!

Come with your Family or come alone and be a part of the Family of God!

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Heart International Ministries is able to share the power of the Gospel thanks to the support of generous individual donors. Give hope today! We welcome all levels of donation!!

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Victory Today TV"Victory today" TV

Seen daily for the past two years throughout the nation are the Word-intensive ‘Victory Today!’ TV programs. The Hindi/English program is aired on one of India’s largest secular networks with a potential audience of 300 million people in prime time between 7:00 and 7:30am.

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God Bless Our Nation

Three to five day meetings calling believers to Prayer and Intercession for India and the Indian sub-continent.

God Bless Our Nation meetings began in India’s ancient capital of Ujjain and continue in key stronghold areas throughout the nation.

Since the first ‘GOD BLESS OUR NATION’ was conducted, India’s surprise election results shocked the nation and the world with a new political party, more secular and tolerant of Christians elected into power.

Three God Bless Our Nation events have been conducted so far.